Friday Falderal June 8, 2012

It’s been a while but here is another edition of the Friday Falderal! Won’t you share your answers?

How do you feel about summer? Do you enjoy hot weather? Summer is my nemesis. Himself wants to move to Florida but two or three months of heat and humidity is about all I can take! Hopefully, The Girl will give me a Keratin Express treatment tomorrow to fight the frizz.

Burgers, hot dogs or not thank you? It’s that time of year in the great Atlantic northeast where we are bbq’ing and the burgers and “dogs” are on the grill. I’ll indulge in a hot dog maybe three times a year – can you say mystery meat? Burgers on occasion. I’d rather just eat salad and add a protein like chicken or feta cheese.

Swim or air conditioning? Anyone who has been visiting here for a while know that I do NOT like being wet! No, I didn’t nearly drown when I was a child. I have no idea why this is but bathing is the extent of my wetness factor. I’ll take air conditioning over the pool.

You just found out your niece, her husband and their child are stopping by for a visit and it is dinner time. You have only enough for your little family. What do you do? My grandmother always said you can always add pasta to the pot. If you have a small steak, either put it in the fridge or cook it and slice it really thin and make a steak salad! Feeding people is what I do. Bring it on.

Impromptu or planned get togethers? Impromptu are the best for me. I tend to get anxious if I think about HAVING to be somewhere.

What’s up with you? Hope all is well in your world. Blessings from the great Atlantic northeast.

3 responses to “Friday Falderal June 8, 2012

  1. Gail, I do believe you are my long lost twin. I can’t stand summer and heat and humidity. I couldn’t stand even a month in FL. (We have vacationed in Alaska and Iceland, notice a trend here.) I never learned to swim and I had a near drowning experience, so I took my kids to our lake and when I got too warm, they poured pails of water on my legs. I love a/c. But, I like planned get togethers. I like to make special food for my guests and need to have all the ingredients on hand. (I make yogurt-marinated chicken kabobs with lots of cilantro. ) I love hot dogs, but not too often and I only buy Hebrew National.

  2. I’m bad at feeding people though my mum is fantastic at it. I need to learn to be more like that. 🙂 Can’t stand the heat either G, and it’s sweltering hot right now!

  3. Finally getting over here. I like summer but I like it in the 70’s to low 80s with low humidity. I could never live in Florida because of the humidity. Hilton Head Island South Carolina is as far south as I have been. I was there during the last week of July several years ago and it was sweltering.

    I love burgers and hotdogs on a charcoal grill.

    I like swimming but don’t like an overly crowded area. I loved swimming over at Dr. B’s in the summer where it’s private. And at night the color changing lights in the pool were beautiful.

    I don’t do well with impromptu visitors. I clean thoroughly for company. And I hate house cleaning.

    Have a great weekend, Gail!

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