Day Book June 20, 2012

The Simple Woman’s Day Book


Outside my window…the noise of people working on lawns and whatever else before the heat of day settles in.

I am thinking…that I would like to live in a less congested area.

I am thankful…for a working air conditioner. It is supposed to get into the high 90’sF or 35.5 or higher C.

In the kitchen…the freshly washed floor is drying and I have more straightening to do.

I am wearing…my pajamas until I finish housework.

I am creating…a frittata for lunch.

I am going…to regret not trying to take a nap this morning!

I am wondering…if Isabella is truly sick or if her allergies are getting the best of her.

I am reading…Lis Wiehl’s newest thriller, Eyes of Justice.

I am hoping…for safety for those who do not have air conditioning.

I am looking forward to…my parents’ visit today. We do not see each other often enough.

I am learning to not take life so seriously.

Around the house…so many things to do that I am overwhelmed.

I am pondering…whether or not the smell of the fish I made last night is gone.

A favorite quote for today…God’s mercies are new every morning.

One of my favorite things…old movies in black and white.

A few plans for the rest of the week: play dates – summer is here.

A peek into my day…kindergarten graduation two days ago.

2 responses to “Day Book June 20, 2012

  1. Haha! I wear my pajamas until I’m finished with my housework too. Even if it is afternoon. Really loved reading these. Bells is really growing up. Time flies, doesn’t it?

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