Weathering the Storms

The first national nightmare I remember was John F. Kennedy being shot. I was in first grade and our teacher platform carrying the president’s coffin.

Since then, there have been natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes. There has been all manner of human depravity in the name of power and “rights.” We have weathered two 9/11 tragedies and, in the U.K., 7/11. Terrorism comes in many forms.

Last week, Hurricane Sandy came right to my front door. Being the “lucky” ones, we were without power for only three days and three nights. Many others are still, after more than a week, without power, and some, many without homes, whilst still others are burying their dead.

Yet, we have seen some of the best of humankind; our neighbor shared his generator power so that our freezer goods wouldn’t go bad. People with gas grills were cooking food for neighbors which would have otherwise gone bad. Those with power are sharing their homes and their electricity to anyone who has need. Samaritan’s Purse sent people to local churches to help people devastated by the storm by cleaning out what was left of their homes. Utility workers from states not affected by the storm caravanned to our aid.

Yes, there are looters and burglars and scam artists looking to make a quick buck with inferior or non-existent repairs. However, kindness has been the rule.

Just don’t try to cut into a gas line in Jersey. It would could get really ugly.

*I wrote this a few days ago. Today, a Nor’Easter came in and we have wet snow. Some areas which had their power restored are losing it again. Please pray.

4 responses to “Weathering the Storms

  1. We were on the border of getting snow or rain….looks like it’s going to be rain. Will pray for you and that you do not lose power.

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