December 2012 Daybook

Simple Woman’s Daybook

Outside my window…unseasonable warmth contrasts the Christmas lights.

I am thinking…about whether to read, crochet or watch tv while playing on the computer.

I am thankful…we don’t go overboard for Christmas.

In the kitchen…a cold oven reflects my decision to not bake Christmas cookies.

I am wearing…pajamas; sweet, comfortable pajamas!

I am creating…a knitted cowl for warmth…I think it is for me…

I am going…to be very busy trying to get rid of anything in my home that hasn’t been used in the last year.

I am wondering…how I am going to find the energy to do the above.

I am reading…David Baldacci’s latest novel, The Forgotten.

I am hoping…I can visit my friend Ellen to finish the cowl I am working on. She is my knitting guru!

I am looking forward to…Christmas Eve with my side of the family.

I am learning…to trust in the Lord as we go through a storm.

Around the house…a spot is waiting for a Christmas tree that I don’t feel like decorating.

I am pondering…how to get everything done that needs getting done this week.

One of my favorite things…having quiet time (have I posted this before?).

A peek into my day…not today but a good shot of the love of my life! photo (6)

3 responses to “December 2012 Daybook

  1. Love this! I still don’t have my tree up and I’m unemployed. It will get up sooner or later. And I have peanut butter balls to make. I’ve never really went overboard for Christmas. That’s why everyone gets balls. Bells is beautiful!

  2. Belles is so pretty. 🙂 I can understand some of the things you feel. I too have A LOT to declutter..and I don’t know if I can find the energy to do so. I look at them and I keep saying “tomorrow.” haha…. As for the Christmas tree, the kids put it up. Not perfect, but I’ve given up trying to make it look pretty long ago. A very blessed Christmas to you G, and I know your birthday is sometime in Dec too…so a very Happy birthday too. 🙂
    hugs and love

  3. Our dil put up and decorated our tree. She is so helpful and kind. We never have it up this early on our own. Do come soon to visit, yarn is aplenty and needs a good home.

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