A Blessed Christmas to You

It seems that my last post upset one of my faithful readers; someone I love like a sister. This, along with Himself’s cajoling and a very convicting sermon this morning, has caused me to try, ever so hard, to get into a proper Christmas spirit.

“There is one found worthy
The Lion of the tribe of Judah
There is one found worthy
The root of David.”

Only one is worthy of all blessing, honor and glory.
Only one can wash away my sin.
Only one can comfort the hurting.
Only one can take away any bitterness in me.

There are twenty families suffering unimaginable pain and sorrow this holiday season. Their babies were brutally slain along with a number of school personnel. How dare I gripe.

Loving Father, please forgive me my bitter attitude which I have blamed on offense for your Son. You are bigger than I and you speak for yourself. Please keep me watchful and prayerful now and always for those who hurt. Thank you for your forgiveness. In Jesus’ most precious name do I pray.

One response to “A Blessed Christmas to You

  1. Dear G….I guess, it’s only normal that some days we feel frustration, especially when the true meaning of Christmas is replaced with endless shopping and baking. But as you said, when we reflect back on our Loving Father, and His purposes and will, we get refocused in our thoughts and actions. Our Father understands us and loves us regardless.
    Blessed Christmas G, to you, family and little Belles.
    love for us all..

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