I Don’t Do Pink and Other Stuff About Us

I don’t do pink. Pastel pink that is. I dig hot pink. Especially with lime green. Yup. Lime green makes a lot of things look good!

Himself talks to himself. All the time. Sometimes I listen and sometimes I don’t. It’s a gamble because sometimes he IS talking to me! It is “common” knowledge that females speak about 2/3 more than males but, in this house, even though I can talk your ear off, Himself wins. And he still tunes me out.

Housekeeping? Hmmm….let’s just say that my housekeeping, or lack thereof, has not made anyone sick…yet. I am a clean person but not a neat person. I know where things are and can direct the male characters in this household to what they are looking for in the refrigerator. That is what is really important, right?

We have no pets. We once had a cat named Reepicheep (named after the swashbuckling rat in The Chroniclse of Narnia – my idea, of course). She was our one and only pet that didn’t live in a bowl. When she died we were all crushed. The only thing I didn’t miss about her was the fur left behind all over the place. The Boy wants a dog so badly but I am standing firm. I don’t do poop, fur, barking and/or boarding. Grow up, get a good job, get your own place, and then you can get a dog. I will visit. Maybe.

Blogging is fun and not fun for me. When I started, I used Windows Live Spaces and “met” a lot of people. I wrote regularly, got responses, visited others and left comments. It is so different now. Thankfully, a handful of people from Spaces are still blogging.

Isabella just “wrote” two “loving letters” to Jesus. When I asked her what she wrote, she said, “Read it.” Uh, I told her it was her own special language and that she had to read it to me. Such beautiful words came out of her mouth! Oh, my precious, precious girl. She has a beautiful heart. She can be a bit bratty at times but the good times far outweigh them.

The Boy is out of work again. Anyone have a career or even just a job for a 23 year old high school graduate? I hear the navy calling his name…..

I am reading the book Iscariot by Tosca Lee. It is a novel about Judas Iscariot. The author had to do a lot of research and she weaves such and intricate and real story through the eyes of Judas. She shows Jesus as a healer and not afraid of disease and disfigurement. Well done, Ms. Lee.

Once again, I plan to participate in the A to Z challenge in April. It gives me the nudge I need to blog, blog, blog! Hopefully, I will be back before then….

Blessings to you and yours, g

2 responses to “I Don’t Do Pink and Other Stuff About Us

  1. Really enjoyed this post, Gail! I have a lime green sweater and a bright pink sweater. Just wore the lime green one tonight and am wearing the pink one tomorrow. Love those colors too! Your housekeeping sounds like my housekeeping. Blogging is more like journaling to me and I do appreciate your comments and advice. Life is rough. Our bible study group discussed waiting on the Lord tonight. I am so impatient but am so learning patience with this new life of mine. Looking forward to more blogging from you! 😀

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