Finding out that dark chocolate is actually a health food rocked my world. Yes, I said DARK chocolate – the darker the better. Milk chocolate? Nah. White chocolate? Oh, pul-eez. It isn’t even chocolate but basically milk, cocoa butter (has no cocoa) and sugar along with flavorings.

Amazingly, chocolate is an antioxidant which means it gets rid of free radicals which cause disease and aging. Heck, chocolate is even better for you than blueberries, green tea and pomegranates! All this goodness can lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, fight cancer, leap tall buildings in a single bound. You catch my meaning.

There is more but do you really need convincing beyond this?! Dark chocolate is satisfying in small amounts. It will take care of your sweet tooth with little damage to your waistline.

I’ll do what I have to to stave off aging and illness. Bring on the dark stuff.

7 responses to “Chock-a-lock-a-love

  1. The dark chocolate lobby is reputed to be negotiating to get Darth Vader’s likeness for their spokesperson. Just kidding! I am not a fan, but my wife is!

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