Dragging My Heals

Here it is Sunday and I am just writing Friday’s challenge. Talk about dragging one’s heals. It is hard to blog “on demand” but it gets me in gear.

It’s not only writing that causes me to drag my heals. If someone bugs me to do something it probably won’t get done in a timely manner. Call it passive/aggressive, stubbornness, childishness, whatever. I don’t like to be pushed.

Also, confrontation is something I tend to put off. Blessedly, I have learned that it needs to get done quickly or my imagination will make things so much worse. So, I’m quicker about it than I used to be.

When I was in college, I would cram for exams. I tried to study daily but got most of my knowledge memorized in the last few days before an exam. Also, when it came to writing papers, I would organize it in my head for days and then type it out the night before it was due. I’ve read that this is not uncommon and is one of two ways of writing papers. The other is to do it all on paper one step at at time taking one’s time.

Do you have anything you know you drag your heals on? Tell me about it.

3 responses to “Dragging My Heals

  1. Getting organized and cleaning. Today marks 8 months I have been unemployed and I have barely touched my guest/storage room. It needs to be done in a very bad way. The task is just too daunting. Hoping my friend follows through with a Memorial Day yard sale. That should motivate me to clean out and organize to get stuff ready. Love your posts. I need to get busy on a couple but I guess I procrastinate too. When the weather is so nice, you wil never find me inside. So raining on Thursday and Friday this week so I should get some things done.

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