When I was a kid, “groovy” was a neato word to use. Lately, I find myself regressing in my vocabulary and “groovy” or some derivative of it is front and center.

“How do you want your hair cut?” “I’m grooving the extra length,” I said to my niece who is my hairstylist extraordinaire.

“Oh, that new dress is groovy, Isabella! I dig it!” What must she think?!

I can’t think of a better word to express myself in this way. Can you?

8 responses to “Groovy

  1. groovy…hmmmm….well, hardly use that word in this part of this world. So when I hear groovy, I’m thinking….huge head of curly hair, so huge like a big helmet.

  2. I hear a lot here in Cape Town, ‘Are you keen’ to do this or that. So, don’t think of it as regressing but,rather recycling! Cause it’s groovy going green! Lol

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