How Ya Doin’?

How ya doin? Hi. Howdy. Hello there. What’s up? How are you? Hey. Aloha. All are forms of greeting in the United States of America.

People from outside of the area think that people from New Jersey and New York only say, “How ya doin’?” No, not everyone. That affectation doesn’t apply to everyone but my son who seems to proudly want to sound regional!

Me? I tend to say, “Hey,” or “Hiya.” Occasionally, “Greetings.” I know. I am weird.

How about where you live? What is the usual greeting?

8 responses to “How Ya Doin’?

  1. All right! from over here or just hey or Hiya … … greetings from the uk hope your enjoying the A to Z … by the way in Wales it would be Croeso, which means welcome!

    • I have noticed that very few people use “dear” in the salutation of an email, and I don’t want to just use the proper name, so I usually begin with “Good Morning” or whatever is appropriate for the time of day. Of course, I think that when my email is read, the salutation will be incorrect. Not sure what I say, except when I see you, and then I jump up and down and hug you and say, “Gaily! It’s so nice to see you!”

  2. I used to get confused the first month in the US. Coz people wouldl say whassup and walk on without waiiting for a reply. Here in Chinese we ask “Have you eaten” as a greeting.

  3. Howzit? Is very common…. Also ‘Hey” …tried to remember the childhood saying the other day… Hay is for horses..milk is for cows….???? And couldn’t finish it… Anyone?

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