Kalamazoo and Tigger, Too

Makes no sense. I know. My brain and body are fried from moving (did you know that boxes can clone themselves?). I was thinking about the funny names some places have. Kalamazoo (Michigan) was a Native American name that the settlers twisted to sound “normal” to them.

How about Tightwad, Missouri. Legend has it that someone was shortchanged there and talked badly about the place evoking this curse of a name.

Santa Claus, Indiana is one place you never have to worry about taking down the Christmas lights.

One of my favorites is Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Seems that it was named after a 1950’s radio show.

Cool, California…need I say more? Actually, it was named for a traveling preacher but I’ll bet natives would say otherwise.

Any “cool” sounding towns by you?

3 responses to “Kalamazoo and Tigger, Too

  1. fyi, Truth or Consequences was on tv, not radio. It was an audience participation show, quite funny. PA is full of funny names, but I can’t think of one right now! I grew up in West Orange and there were 2 “mountains” there, which were called First and Second Mountain. (Quite the imagination, huh.)

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