I love to learn new things. Sometimes it isn’t a subject I would have chosen like when I had to look up “gangrene.” There are two forms, wet and dry; wet, hours to a day or two to live, dry, much longer to live.

If there was nothing to learn I would be so bored. Being a perpetual student sounds so good to me as long as I didn’t have to take exams or write papers.

Being called a warehouse of useless information didn’t ring true to me. I believe that, instead, I am well rounded in my knowledge. (Yes, someone did call me that.) Maybe you aren’t interested in what interests me but that doesn’t matter, right?

Did you know that bones have bendability? If they didn’t, you would break them all the time. Learned that from a Kathy Reichs novel. She also taught me about mitochondrial DNA. Very interesting to me.

What have you learned lately?

4 responses to “Learning

  1. Gosh I learn something new every day. I love learning! Lately it’s from personal experience about relationships. I think I would like to read Kathy Reichs. I love reading novels that include something medical in them. I enjoyed some of Robin Cook’s medical thrillers. Also Jodi Piccoult is good about throwing some things in there. What I like is they do their research and get it right.

  2. That I better schedule in some time in between training for housework…or I will be one unhappy chicky. I’m ok with messy UP to a point then NO further…

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