Learning something new is a high for me. Asking questions helps me learn.

Big picture people, don’t like a lot of questions. I learned this when I took the DISC profile (it’s a type of personality profile). I am into details. I want to know very single step it takes to get somewhere.

My sister and I had a hard time getting along all our lives. Actually, she had a hard time getting along with me. Once I realized she is a big picture person and I am a detail person, I learned to not ask her a lot of questions. Now we get along very well.

Are you a big picture person or a detail person?

2 responses to “Questions

  1. I”m actually both. I like to see the big picture and then figure out the details that make up the big picture. I’ve always worked in large organizations. It is very important to understand the big picture and then how you fit into the big picture. To me it makes things work so much better rather than spending precious time figuring out your place first. Details come later. No offense, but those who ask question after question seem incompetent to me. (in the workplace that is) I’ve had nurses work for me who did that and it truly concerned me as if they couldn’t make critical decisions without asking everyone a question, first. In healthcare, time can be precious…..

    • I have actually been referred to as detail-oriented. And I do like to figure things out and investigate. I did lots of that in my previous position. But first I stood back and assessed the big picture. Does that make sense? I’m rambling……

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