Telling the Truth

My post yesterday was reflective of what I have been posting on facebook for the last week or so. Usually, I don’t post hot button items, but murdering children is where I draw the line.

One post I saw had me thinking long and hard before reposting. It had a picture of the back of a baby’s head and neck with the neck slit opened where its spinal cord was snipped. Each time I see it I inwardly cringe and it is hard for me to not become depressed.

One of my liberal friends was very vocal in her anger with me for posting this. She has a young son who plays games on her account and doesn’t want to chance his seeing something like this.

Am I to censor my “shares” because of this? I won’t. There are so many offensive posts that I have to wade through each and every day and I don’t say a word. If this offends you hide the posts and download games somewhere other than facebook for your son. Or, delete me as a friend. I won’t be offended.

I had to quit being silent. I have to tell the truth.

19 responses to “Telling the Truth

    • You are right. That women can respectfully unfriend if she doesn’t want to take the time to keep her son from seeing something she doesn’t want him to see. I would not post that picture but I respect your courage to do so. I felt more comfortable posting Beck’s report. It had plenty of warnings. I didn’t get any responses except you. This is typical of these issues. People are deceived so easily today. What’s wrong is seen as a right, abortion, gay marriage and legal drug abuse. Have a blessed weekend. Greg

      • Excuse me Greg! I am That women! My son was playing games on facebook and I was right next to him. He is 6. You don’t know me. don’t claim to know what I think about any of the things you randomly brought up.

  1. Wow! Your liberal friend? You say that like its a bad thing. It was not that he might see it , it was that he did see it. At his age I should not have to explain garbage like that to him. I don’t think I am the only one who felt this way about that picture. Maybe I am the only one with the guts to say it. As for giving him his own facebook page, really???????? My facebook friends have never put anything, esp pictures, on their page that they wouldn’t want their own kids or grandkids to see. I am shocked that you did. I was offended by that disgusting picture, that may or may not be real. This is the place to post it not on facewbook. When I commented asking how you could post that horrible picture, you said it was reality. Why did you never answer the question I asked then? So I will ask it here. Has your grand- daughter seen that little tidbit of reality? If not , why not? My six year old and I had to see it. How do you like my boldness and truth? To tell you the truth, I am also offended that you didn’t have the guts to answer me in the comments on facebook, so I won’t really care if you get offened now.

    • I never meant to offend you, Johnna, by mentioning your political leanings.

      As for showing the picture to Isabella, fb is not meant for people under, I believe, sixteen.

  2. I am always amazed at how upset people get when someone posts something that offends them, annoys them or is just plain rude….I think it is like passing a horrific car accident…we STILL look…do we look to try to get a glance? Of course we do, are we sorry afterwards when we do…hopefully yes. And yet…we still look!
    I see your ‘friend’ has de-friended you.

    Have we not yet learned EVERYTHING we post whether lovely or livid is now OUT there….if any of this upset anyone….then block, de-friend, de-blog…,but to rant and rave about it…well it is like spitting in the wind, it ALWAYS comes back on the person spitting.

    If someone posts something I am CRAZY upset about….I block them, check back every now and then and IF they are STILL posting nonsense I de-friend them…how hard is this concept?

    • Excuse me but first of all, I am not a liberal I am a democrat and very proud of it. Second, I was not offended by you calling me a liberal, I was disgusted by the picture. What offened me was your complete lack of caring that my son (6) saw it and yet it is not for your grandaughter to see? When I asked you how you could post such a thing, your answer blew me away! “Its reality.” ??????? Really??? Do you even know if the picture was real. and if it is such reality why shouldn’t Isabella see it too? Everyone else had to. Get off that high horse you are riding. Thats what pissed me off. As I said before , my son was playing his games and while switching between them, that horrible picture was on my page. I never had to worry about leaving my fb page open because my friends would never post something like that. Most of them have better sence. My son does not need to see that, nobody needs to see that. I don’t hold any of your views against you, never did, as wrong as I may think you are, I would fight for your right to believe what you want. Don’t I deserve the same respect? Oh and as for your friends, MYOB. You don’t know me so don’t claim to know anything about me.

      • As for passing a horrible accident, I don’t just pass, I get out and help! I don’t just stand there looking. Maybe if you did something about the issues that bother you enough to post horrific pictures on fb, maybe it would help you deal with these realities. Protest, write letters, march, something. Maybe you would actually be doing something other than shocking people. I think people should think before they post or comment. How would you feel in my place? How would your 6 year old feel?

  3. It is a real picture from a real trial. I do not show these pictures to Isabella. She is not allowed on fb.

    I didn’t think of your son being on fb since it is not meant for people under age thirteen. I am sorry that he saw it but I do not apologize for posting it.

    I think you are a special person, Johnna. I have never put down your beliefs. I actually kept a comment from being posted here that was nasty to you.

    • Again , he was on the computer playing games, NOT ON FACEBOOK! My page was open because I never felt the need to close it. Most people wouldn’t post picture like that. Why would you? Shock value? Well congrats, you shocked me, my son and maybe a few others who haven’t got the guts to tell you how they feel. We also do some of his schooling online. Don’t make it sound like my child was trolling facebook while I was off somewhere. I was right here with him and its a good thing I was. He got only a brief look at that horrific photo as I scrolled up quickly. I really doubt it was real. Things like that are not usually put out for public view. There was a picture of the Boston bomber on a slab at the medical examiner’s office going around facebook last week. That was not real and the idiot that posted it was deleted and blocked. Oh and let your friends say what they will, I am a big girl. Just let them know not to bring a knife to a gunfight. I come prepared with facts. Also ask them to please leave their fox news garbage at home.

      • But Johnna, your post on FB clearly states he plays games on FB. I copied the from the post
        “Johnna Rini Gail! How could you post this picture? My child plays games on facebook! Please stop with the disgusting pictures. This is not something I want to explain to my six year old.
        Friday at 3:39pm · Like
        This is from the post dated April 24 at 4:19 pm, as you can see your comment was posted the following Friday. That is a 3 day span.
        So if he was playing games on FB like you said it would not have popped up on Friday.

      • Okay, enough. Johnna and I will agree to disagree. I don’t force my heart on anyone. Being pro-life is a big part of my heart.

        What that picture represents is what a sick, sadistic man did to babies. It happened and continues to happen in the United States. That is why he is on trial for murder.

        Johnna, you did what you had to do by blocking me. That is fine. I never intended for your son or any other child to see the picture. I thought long and hard before posting it and I would do it again. I am offended by many things on fb and pass by them and delete them. Once again, I am sorry S saw it.

        Please, let’s stop this back and forth. I care for you all.

  4. Kuddos to you sweetie. Never comprise your beliefs or values for others. God did not give us a spirit of timidity… We must be bold and take a stand. There will always be those who want to condemn you for your beliefs and actions.
    Like you if someone posts something on page that is offense I will hide it. If that action continues I will delete them.In today’s society people are ready to jump on you if your beliefs and values do not correspond with yours. We are not sheep that must follow the status quo, we are individuals are entitled to our beliefs and have the right to express them. As to all of the negative comments, those people are entitled to their opinions and need to respect yours. Love and hugs my sister.

    • I could care less about anyones beliefs. Believe what you want and as I have said, I will fight for your right to do so. But think about how you would feel if it were your child. I also have beliefs, maybe not any that you would agree with, but don’t I deserve the same respect? Am I not allowed to state those beliefs even if they don’t agree with yours. Should I have to apologize for for those beliefs? Never have , never will. Same as you.

      • First of all. WHAT???? your friend should get a life and stop stalking your page and doing your research for you. I get the feeling she is calling me a liar and I am just picking on you, Gail. I don’t lie, never did cause I don’t believe in it. That is something anyone who knows me understands. If someone doesn’t like my truth , too bad. This was our arguement it should have stayed that way. My son does play games on my facebook page , He is not on facebook. He is online playing games and doing schoolwork, and like I stated before he is sitting next to ME! Like i said!…. Again! (And wasn’t it this friend of yours who thought it was a good idea to get him his own page? ) Now any normal person ,not hellbent on your defence, would be able to understand that! So Lori, do yourself a favor and MYOB. Gail is a grown woman and can fight her own battles. My son did see it and I blocked the post and reported it. Now, I blocked you Gail because you had no problem and will have no problem posting something like that againand I don’t care to see that. I would like to ask why, if the picture bothered you so much, why did you post it? You said it made you cringe and depressed you. I may be missing something, but why would you do that to your friends?
        Oh and lori, never call me a liar. You don’t know me. If you know anything about facebook, posts from days earlier can pop up at anytime if someone comments or likes it.
        I don’t feel I have to defend myself or my skill as a mother to anyone, anymore, so let this arguement die here.

  5. Oh my goodness! R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S!!!!

    Bottom line is that Gail felt strongly on a subject thus posting a link on FB. I do not believe for a second that her intention was for any young children to view the material. She apologized for young eyes seeing it however, stood her ground in not apologizing for her views nor for sharing (this I agree with 100%). One should never back down from his/her beliefs. What a boring world this would be if we all believed the same ideals.

    With that being said I do understand why Johnna was distraught over her son seeing the material. Fortunately, as adults we can learn from this. Whether that be blocking certain posts, locking FB on our phone to ensure small children do not get sight of material that is not age appropriate or parting ways. I have three children of my own and unfortunately things I would never choose to share with them they are often brought to their attention- snip its of news as they walk through the room or even via a peer at school. With each situation that arises I am able to build in a learning experience. Turn this into a positive, it can be done.

    No one person is perfect. I also believe that while we all are different, all have different views and all are motivated by different causes we were all created by one God. Don’t waste energy on this. Time would be better spent helping others!!!

    That’s my two cents even though no one asked. Couldn’t help it, must be the teacher and Psych major in me!!!

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