It’s that time again…Autism Awareness Month. Uh, I do believe that most of the people in the literate world are well aware of autism.

What we need to work on is acceptance and education.

One of my favorite autism bloggers, Jess Wilson of A Diary of a Mom, has taught me that age appropriate is just words. That is why I purchased a Baby Einstein Baby Neptune toy for my granddaughter who is eight years old. She loves it.

Jess has also taught me that wherever my girl is is just fine with me. She doesn’t have to fit in. She doesn’t have to fit a mold.

My Isabella is fun and smart and loving. She puts on a brave face all day long and, sometimes, cries at night to release all the tension she has from putting on that brave face. My girl is one of the strongest people I have ever met and I admire her grit. A

Accept people where they are at. Learn what they are all about.

2 responses to “Awareness…nah

  1. Your blessed with your gifts to have that patience. I dont think I have it. God gives us each a special gift and that one for sure is not mine I dont think.

    • I don’t have all that much patience, Lisa. Isabella can be annoying but, most of the time, I enjoy her. It’s the adults in my life who make me bonkers!

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