Cooking Fun

Yesterday was a chilly, rainy day in the great Atlantic northeast. “Ah, chicken soup will do the trick, was my thought.” So, I went to Trader Joe’s and bought the ingredients.

As a rule, I love chopping vegetables. It is therapeutic for me. However, my brain was a bit scrambled from the weather and fatigue so I thought roasting the chicken would be easier. Wrong.

I decided we needed dinner rolls with dinner. Why? I don’t know. We rarely have bread with dinner. I had purchased whole wheat flour from T.J.’s but couldn’t find a yeast free recipe for rolls so I made a rustic whole wheat bread.

After taking out the bread, I added the chicken to the oven. Too bad I turned it off by accident (the over, that is). I lost about forty minutes there.

Boiled potatoes and asparagus would make nice sides. Chop up the potatoes, boil…oh, how about garlic smashed potatoes. Yup, that’s the ticket.

The chicken after being carved,d had to be microwaved and it took more time to make this meal than to make a soup!

Anyway, with the leftover meat and carcass, I made soup today. Too bad I have a stomachache from eating too much leftover bread and couldn’t enjoy it.

The moral of this odd story? Go with your first instinct and make the soup.

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