(I) Broke Down…

…and went to Florida.  I had hoped to have it on my tombstone that I had never been to Florida or Great Adventure. There is still a chance for the latter.

However, Himself wants to move there (Gasp!  Leave my great Atlantic Northeast?!).  In order to have an educated argument against moving, I had to visit the Sunshine State.

My brother-in-law and his lovely wife were the perfect hosts.  It was the first time in the twenty-nine or so years that Himself and I have been together that I have spent any time alone with them.  We were always at family gatherings.  Blessedly, we really like each other!  That made the trip worth it.

As for Florida itself, do you know what the Bronx cheer is?  Also known as “raspberries?”  I was not impressed.  No offense to anyone but I like my green, four season, never know what is going to happen in those seasons Atlantic northeast.  You can keep the palm trees.

2 responses to “(I) Broke Down…

  1. I have family who live in West Palm Beach and Delray Beach. I could never live in Hawaii. Too hot and humid for me. I have never been there either. I would love to visit the Florida Keys though just to see the blue water. I miss seeing blue water.

    Anyway good to see you blogging. I have missed you. I left a message for you on my blog with my email address. I don’t have your email address.

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