Precious Isabella is now in the third grade.  Although she is still in a contained autism classroom, she takes her specials and eats lunch with the general education children.

The third and fourth graders put on a wonderful play from a book called “Jabuti the Tortoise:  A Trickster Tale from the Amazon” by Gerald McDermott.   Their music teacher wrote the music and they spent three months learning to recite, play act, and dance.

It was delightful from the moment we arrived.  A number of children greeted Isabella; she is one of them.  This is such an answer to prayer!

When the children were on stage, Bells was just as engaged as the other children.  More so, actually, as she was waving to her mom throughout!

The reason we stay in a town with especially high rents is because Isabella gets a great education.  I wish this was true for all people on the spectrum.

9 responses to “Jabuti

  1. I am a grade 3 and 4 teacher who loves doing plays with my kids. I am so happy that Isabella enjoyed her’s and that she receives an excellent education. Cheryl

    • It is, Nicky. It can go zip code by zip code. Her kindergarten and first grade teachers, in the same school she is in now, were not effective for her. Her present teacher brought her up a nearly two grade levels in one year.

  2. Wow! I can’t believe she is in 3rd grade already! And that’s awesome she is getting a great education. Finally getting caught up on your blog posts. 🙂

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