What Are “They” Thinking?!

I learned today that cursive is no longer going to be taught in our schools.  Thank you very much, common core…not.

Cursive is an art.  It brings connection of thoughts.  Without it, one will never be able to read the writings of the founding fathers, grandma and grandpa’s love letters, Mom’s recipes, and so much more I am not able to think of right now.

Common core has some good points to it but it is going too far too fast.  My niece is a teacher.  When she and her fifth grade teaching colleagues took the practice tests, they each came up with different answers to the math questions.  Oh, by the way, my niece is certified to teach math.

3 responses to “What Are “They” Thinking?!

  1. In Canada, we are headed in that direction too. It is taught in Grade 3 (I taught it) and then not reinforced from there on. So many students do not know how to read it well or write it well as it slacks off from that grade on. At least in my experience in my province, it appears to be going down the same path as yours. Too bad. For many, it is a time saver rather than printing… but technology is taking over in the schools.

  2. I was horrified when I heard about this a few years ago. I am planning on teaching my daughter this summer on my own! How will she be able to write her signature?!

    • Her signature is the only cursive the OT plans to teach Isabella. She was going to shorten her name to “Bella,” which is what a lot of people call her. At the IEP meeting yesterday, I said no, Isabella. Then the OT said she would do it with a print capital “I.” I said, no, a cursive “I.” heavy sigh

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