A = April and Autism

Of course! Autism is part of our regular life as our ten year old granddaughter is autistic. We spend time with her nearly every day.

You will hear a lot of talk of “lighting it up blue for autism awareness.” May I ask that you don’t? Light it up blue, that is.

You see, this campaign was started by a group called Autism Speaks. The problem with this group is that it does not speak for our girl nor does it speak for autistics in general. The blue is representative of the fact that the majority of the people with autism are male. My girls prefers pink.

Notice I did not say “children” with autism. Children with autism grow up to be adults with autism. Autism Speaks doesn’t speak to that.

Also, Autism Speaks wants to “cure” autism.  Have they ever asked adult autistics if they want to be cured?  Where does their voice come in?

Jess over at A Diary of a Mom explains this so much better than I can. This blog post speaks specifically to the reasons why Autism Speaks no longer speaks for us.

Why don’t we light it up purple? Doesn’t blue plus pink = purple?

Blessings, gail

4 responses to “A = April and Autism

  1. As the mom of a wonderful Autistic son, I agree… no cure needed! Take away the Autism & you’d fundamentally change who my son IS. I’d love to see more funds go to services for adults with ASD, educational programs aimed at kids with ASD, and support for single parents with ASD kiddos. I’m not one, but my friends who are are walking a lonely, difficult path.

  2. I love that you are blogging! I miss this! I can’t make any promises but I really should. It is fun to look back and see how far I”ve come.

    I totally agree about the services for adults with autism. They are unfortunately forgotten. Light it up purple for sure!

    Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoying a day of rest here.

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