Driving Mr. Himself

Himself, my husband, had shoulder surgery a couple of weeks ago. Part of his recuperation involves not driving. At all. Zilch.
Having one’s husband home when one is used to being alone during the day can try the best of marriages. Being asked to go out a lot when one is a homebody, well, let’s just say that “grace” is the order of the day; grace and prayers, lots of prayers!
Oh, please don’t pray for patience for me! Once, years ago, when I told I friend I was praying patience for her she threatened she would start praying I would have many, many children. When people pray for patience, it seems God gives them things to be patient about! I have plenty on my plate.
Although I am a good driver, I much prefer Himself to drive most of the time. I enjoy looking around an observing the world around me. Oh, healing come soon!
Blessings, gail

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