Law and Justice: An Update

 Last year I wrote:

As I type this, I am sitting in the county court house waiting to be called as a witness in a child visitation case. The father wants unsupervised visitation with his child. The problem? The mother has a restraining order against him for harassment, stalking and physical abuse. Getting a restraining order in this county is a difficult thing.

Does this man deserve visitation? My opinion is not yet as the child is in need of counseling due to the trauma of the parents’relationship. Eventually, maybe.

Will justice be served? If not today, eventually. God is the final arbitor of justice. I pray that this father finds healing through the eternal judge. God’s will be done.


I am happy to tell you that, although it took nearly another year, the justice system finally worked. Through all the prayers that went up, a good judge was finally assigned the case and the child in question does not have to see her father.


God is good.


Blessings, g

5 responses to “Law and Justice: An Update

  1. Wow, so he got no visitation at all, supervised or otherwise? That must be a very, very upsetting and disturbing case. I used to practice family law, and even in cases with domestic violence, supervised visitation wasn’t a given. Not getting any visitation is extremely unusual.

    Thanks for standing up for that little girl. Poor children just don’t have a voice in these things. I’m glad she’s safe, physically and mentally.

    A Bit to Read

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