Tragedy and Triumph

My eight year old granddaughter who has autism. She is the light of my life.

When a family first gets the diagnosis of autism, they often go through a mourning period. To help, there are wise writers like the author of Welcome to Holland, Emily Perl Kingsley.

This adventure has been difficult and delightful, tragic and triumphant, humbling and holy.

God gives us beauty from ashes. My beautiful girl will always triumph because she is wonderfully made, not a mistake, perfect in His eyes and mine.


Moving Right Along

We had Isabella’s IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting recently and were thrilled to learn that Bells’ teacher and the child study team feel Isabella is ready to enter kindergarten. In the morning, she will enter the school with an NT (neurotypical) class and then go to her contained classroom with only three other students! All her specials (art, music, phys. ed., etc.) and recess will also be with the NT class! This is a wonderful improvement and we are thrilled with her progress.

The Girl is concerned, though, that Bells is noticing when NT kids her age and older say hurtful things like, “Why does she act like a baby?” She isn’t where they are socially yet and they don’t get it. Breaks a mom’s (and a Booboo’s) heart.

We are in the dog days of summer and autumn can’t get here soon enough for this cool weather girl. Ragweed must be blooming because my whole household is hurting. So thankful for air conditioning.

We’ve been invited to go down the shore for a few days with our dear friends. Himself is so excited. More than two nights away from my bed is difficult for me but I will do it for him. Ugh.

I’m down 30 pounds now! Twenty more to go. Feels goooood!

Last week, I spent five and a half hours with a 91 year old learning all about her life. It was so interesting! I love seniors, do you?

What’s going on in your world? I really want know!

blessings, gail

Catching Up

Well, daylight savings gave us an extra hour of light today. It was nice but what a drag for the moms trying to get their kids to go to bed on time; especially special needs kids who have issues with melatonin. Oy.

The annual walk for Autism Speaks is coming up soon. I am overwhelmed with even thinking about putting it all together again: sponsors, contributors, walkers, t-shirts – ugh! Will anyone else step up to be Team Isabella’s team leader? Nah ah. Double oy.

My mother-in-love is not doing well. Having my father-in-law around until he was nearly 95 makes me think Mom’s 85 years is young but that is not the truth. Congestive heart failure and bad arthritis make her so uncomfortable. We all want her around for as long as possible but have to accept reality; life is frail. Oy, oy, oy. At least my parents are in great health. Phew.

I am pleased to report that Isabella is still progressing more than she is regressing. She actually recited the eleven months of the year whilst clapping! (She left out November.) It is thrilling to see that she is learning things that neurotypical children her age are learning. We had a phone conversation earlier that made more sense than any other we have ever had. She was able to relate to the fact that tomorrow is a school day. Me: “Tomorrow is Monday, Boo.” Bells: “I know that.” Hooray!

Yesterday was about the 28th year (less the three they moved out of state) I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with my bff and her husband. The corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and soda bread were good but the company was great. I have been blessed with a number of people I can call “friend.” So many of them are around for only a season. However, L is the one who I know will always be in my life. Another hooray!

Living in this part of the great Atlantic northeast is very expensive. Himself wants us to make plans to move to a state we can afford to live in. Leaving my grandbaby behind is not an option as far as I am concerned. The Girl doesn’t want to move. What to do? Hope God gives us perfect wisdom on this. It’s so hard.

Well, that’s about it for now. What’s up in your life?

blessings, g

Thankful Thursday

In following dear Meg‘s example, here are things I am thankful for:
a roof over my head
clothing on my back
food in my belly
health in my family
progress in Isabella’s cognition
cars running well
chocolate being healthy
parents being alive and well
God in me
Can you add to this?