Friday Falderal, June 29, 2012

No matter how I try, getting this done weekly is beyond me. Oh, well, let’s start, shall we?

Here in the Great Atlantic Northeast, we are facing hot, humid weather. If you get frizz from humidity, how do you deal with it?
I’ve been waiting for quite some time for a Keratin Express treatment but my daughter hasn’t found the time for me! The greyer I get the curlier I get so I just let my hair dry naturally.

Getting your hair cut/styled – drudgery or enjoyment?
As my niece is my stylist, it is a sheer joy. She is such a great person and I love spending time with her. Also, her children, three and two years old, get to know their dear Auntie g!

This one may seem strange but I want to know: I read that, in some places, it was unusual, when someone dies, to have an open casket at the wake. Where you live, do you have wakes? Open casket or closed? Do you have a repast (meal for those who join you in mourning) after the burial?
Unless the deceased was disfigured by an accident or whatever, we have open casket although cremation is becoming more and more popular with a memorial service instead of a wake and funeral. We do have a repast either at a restaurant or at home where it is usually catered. If the memorial service is at my church, and some other churches, a number of people will cook and serve the people who attend.

This week, I saw the movie “Brave” which takes place in Scotland. I love, love, love Scottish, Irish and English accents. I also love the Kenyan accent. Is there an accent you love to hear?

Himself and I are trying to figure out where to retire. Where we live is simply too expensive. Tell me where you think we out to go and why.

Life is never boring around here and there is rarely a lack of things to do. As I type this, I am waiting for my mother-in-lve to finish having her hair done at the beauty parlor. She is no longer driving and we, my brother-in-law, husband and I take turns driving her where she needs to go. I guess that would be called the “circle of life.” Mom took care of us all these years and now it is time to help her.

Any ideas on what to do with Isabella in this heat? We will probably go to the library this afternoon. They have a nice children’s room with toys and it seems to be the place to be on hot days. Still, I would like to find somewhere else that is cheap or free.

The weekend is upon us. Any plans? The only thing I know we are doing is praying for missionaries in what we call “creative access” countries (those countries which do not allow missionaries) with friends. Other than that, we will see.

Bless you, g

Friday Falderal June 8, 2012

It’s been a while but here is another edition of the Friday Falderal! Won’t you share your answers?

How do you feel about summer? Do you enjoy hot weather? Summer is my nemesis. Himself wants to move to Florida but two or three months of heat and humidity is about all I can take! Hopefully, The Girl will give me a Keratin Express treatment tomorrow to fight the frizz.

Burgers, hot dogs or not thank you? It’s that time of year in the great Atlantic northeast where we are bbq’ing and the burgers and “dogs” are on the grill. I’ll indulge in a hot dog maybe three times a year – can you say mystery meat? Burgers on occasion. I’d rather just eat salad and add a protein like chicken or feta cheese.

Swim or air conditioning? Anyone who has been visiting here for a while know that I do NOT like being wet! No, I didn’t nearly drown when I was a child. I have no idea why this is but bathing is the extent of my wetness factor. I’ll take air conditioning over the pool.

You just found out your niece, her husband and their child are stopping by for a visit and it is dinner time. You have only enough for your little family. What do you do? My grandmother always said you can always add pasta to the pot. If you have a small steak, either put it in the fridge or cook it and slice it really thin and make a steak salad! Feeding people is what I do. Bring it on.

Impromptu or planned get togethers? Impromptu are the best for me. I tend to get anxious if I think about HAVING to be somewhere.

What’s up with you? Hope all is well in your world. Blessings from the great Atlantic northeast.

Falderal Friday

Ah, Friday. It has been a longish week but not bad. My car still needs repairs but I am thankful for how much is within walking distance of my home.
After the A to Z Challenge, I am back to my old habit of slacking off but will try to keep up with the falderal.

What do you think of Mother’s Day? (heavy sigh) I don’t like being told when to appreciate people. Each time I speak with my mom I end the call with, “I love you.” We don’t give Christmas and birthday presents but we give I love you presents throughout the year. Not expensive, fancy things but things we really think the other will like. I give chocolate and biscotti and I have received a water filtering system (Brita). As for Mother’s Day around here, I appreciate it when Himself makes dinner for me. However, I feel obligated to go to his Mother’s place.

Do you have a bedtime routine? I have to confess that I watch way too much tv and stay on the computer too late into the night. I don’t sit all evening…well, I do but I don’t. I’ll get up and floss. Then I’ll get up and brush my teeth. Then I’ll take my evening meds. I try to read a bit and then I’ll pray. Hopefully, I sleep. It hasn’t been very easy to fall asleep lately.

Is there a personal behavior you are trying to change? In the last ten years or so, I have been seriously trying to curb my tongue. Last night, I asked a friend if she had noticed a change and she said yes. She also said she can see when I am straining to say something and holding back! The biggest thing I want to work on now is my tone of voice. I can say something kindly and the same things can be said with a sting. I want to be kind.

Early morning or late night? Believe it or not, when I was in high school, I woke up way earlier than I needed to. Now, I would stay up until two or three AM if I could. Those mellow hours are lovely to me.

Have to go so that is it for now. Please let me know your answers. It is great to get to know you better! blessings, g

X Marks the Spot…

I lost my whole post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will try to redo later…..ugh.

Deep breath…X Marks the Spot for the Friday Falderal, a meme made up by moi! Please join in…

Have you ever participated in a blog challenge where you blog daily with topics starting with each letter of the alphabet with only most Sundays off? This is my third to last post in the A to Z Challenge and it has been a mind stretching ride!

Bloggers, have you ever met a blogging buddy? I started blogging on Windows Live Spaces which no longer exists. It was a great community. I have been blessed to meet four fellow bloggers in person and several on the phone and via Skype. I have never been disappointed!

You can vacation anywhere in the world without having to actually travel there and back (yes, I am a fan of the original Star Trek) – where would you like to go. I’ve had a yen to go to Scotland! I love the green of nature and their accents are delightful.

Do you do animal prints? Anyone who knows me that I dig zebra and have since I was a small child when my grandmother made fake fur coats for us. I have a zebra jacket, purse (not to be worn with said jacket) and a friend gave me a furry zebra lap blanket.

Who would you rather have for president, Yoda or Obi Wan Kenobi? It’s a toss up. They both have presidential characteristics. Yoda would show that we are a diverse nation but Obi Wan would be easier to understand. Oh, the choices we have to make!

Join the Company Girl blog hop if you like!  

TV Tales and Such

I watch too much television.  I use the tv as a babysitter for Bells too much of the time.  Mom used to call it the "idiot box" and I believe a majority of the households in America use it as their main form of entertainment.
Pass through any neighborhood at night and, if a window isn’t covered, you might see flashing forms from whatever is being watched.  As I type this, CSI is playing from the dvr.  Himself still likes it but I am kind of bored by it and grossed out by how graphic, gory and filled with gratuitous sex it is.
HOWEVER, it does serve a good purpose, too.  I have learned quite a bit of decent knowledge from some of my shows.  For instance, if someone is dying slowly and no one can figure it out, test for heavy metal poisoning.  Arsenic will be detected that way but the test is rarely given making it the choice of unhappy spouses who want out.  Himself thinks I am so smart when I can figure that kind of thing out.  hmmm…
Like the internet, it is great and horrible. 
Enough of that.  Less than two weeks before Christmas.  I have never done Santa with my kids but The Girl is doing it with Isabella who still doesn’t get it.  I asked The Boy if it ever bothered him that I didn’t do Santa and he said no.  The Girl, however, had her father telling her Santa was real and she tried to make me believe in him.
In the spirit of decoration, I have polished my nails a deep green.  Sally’s Beauty Supply sells their own brand of nail polish in small bottles for .99!  I love that!  You don’t have to commit to a color you paid $8 for.
Have I mentioned that my children are making me crazy?  I have to remember that we have raised them and they are adults.  They are now responsible for themselves and no longer require our parenting.  We have to sit back and pray whilst they make their mistakes and have their victories.  It is so hard.  If they would only listen we could keep them from hurting so badly.  ugh  Letting God be God is hard but they belong to Him, not us.
Are you ready for Christmas?  Depends on what you mean by ready.  We buy very few gifts and I haven’t baked much for years.  The tree is trimmed and a few decorations are up.
Have a favorite Christmas cookie?  Hard to choose.  I like my coconut macaroons drizzled with chocolate and oatmeal lace cookies sandwiched with chocolate.  Gingerbread cookies with chocolate on them.  Am I seeing a pattern here?
Where will you be on Christmas eve and or day?  Christmas eve, my sister’s house with my side of the family.  Christmas day, the in-laws’.
Egg nog?  A little bit.  I like it but it is sooo fattening.
What are you watching on tv these days?  I’m enjoying the Home & Garden channel a lot especially the Canadian shows like Income Property and The Unsellables.  Also, Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel.
Here’s hoping that your "days are merry and bright and that all your Christmases are white" (at least in your dreams!).
blessings, g


Looking back over the last few years I see that blogging has enmeshed itself in the very fiber of my life.  Although I have not spent much time here of late, the effects are in my life every day.
It seems that it would be unrealistic to call someone a "friend" if you have not really met.  However, I have met a few of you in person and it has solidified our relationships.  A few others I have spoken with by phone and other forms of communication and we have stood by one another through good times and rough times.
When I post new pictures of Isabella, I get the same reactions here that I get from my friends and family I "see" in person.  Every time we conquer a battle for Bells’ education or when she makes progress, I have a virtual cheering section.
If I am sick or sad, I get encouragement and prayers.  When you are sick or need encouragement, I deem it an honor to be able to pray for you and send you a bit of "g" wisom and cheer!
What I am saying is I appreciate you and count you a blessing in my life!  Thank you for being here.
Let’s do a falderal on Thursday to change things up:
How long have you been blogging:  About three and a half years now.
Why did you start?  I’m not really sure.  I enjoyed reading other people’s blogs and I enjoy writing so it seemed natural to start.
Have you met anyone from blogland in person?  Yes.  I have met Lols, Duckie Eileen and Texas Mammie and they are as wonderful in person as they are here!
What has slowed you down in blogworld, if, indeed, you have slowed down?  If you haven’t slowed down, what has kept you going?  I must confess that facebook is one culprit but mostly it is the changes spaces has made.  We now have to work harder to see what is going on with our friends.
How in the world are you?  I am pretty well, thank you very much.  We are experiencing weird weather and it is making a mess of our sinuses but our health is pretty good.
God bless all of you, g

Futile to Fight Falderal

The girls have finally moved back home.  It was a quick, easy move although the getting organized will probably start tomorrow.  Correction:  better start tomorrow.
What is futile is to fight wanting a quiet house for any length of time. As a, matter of fact, we had to pick up Bells from school yesterday with a cough and low fever.  She can not return until we have a doctor’s note.  Even a slight fever gives the schools such fear now.  It is a shame but I suppose it is necessary.
What is also futile is to depend on others to figure out the right answers for a child like Isabella.  After waiting nine months for an appointment, I accompanied The Girl and Bells to see a developmental pediatrician.  Although we know she has autism, we had to get a formal diagnosis.  The nurse practitioner took a detailed history and then the doctor came in.  She was read the history and didn’t add much of anything.  When asked about testing for deficiencies or about diet she said she doesn’t do any of that because it isn’t “scientifically proven.”   See you in six months.
Not one suggestion; not one how do you do.  All we got was a diagnosis.  Now I understand why the moms in Bells’ school told us to use another doctor; live and learn.  However, the nurse practitioner and doctor both agreed that Bells has a very good chance of leading a “normal” life some day in the future.
We have expected progress not further problems.  However, our girl has started to hit herself on occasion.  It has brought The Girl to tears.  It seems to be like a reflex rather than a behavior she thinks about.  Something for us to research.
On a lighter note, we celebrated Isabella’s 4th birthday last weekend.  Can you believe she is four years old?  She loved being sung to at the several celebrations she had.  Balloons?  She brings them everywhere with her!  The Girl has asked me to not get any more.  Himself and I got her a set of instruments – percussion instruments – drum, maracas, castinets, bells!  Typical grandparent present but not when the grandchild lives with you.  That kind of noise doesn’t bother me.  High pitched noises do like whistles.
Are there any noises that bother you?  High-pitched whistles, nails on a chalkboard and utensils scraping a plate.
Have there been any battles you have had to fight for your children?   Many times.  Getting my children classified with learning disabilities took my figuring it out before the system did.  I will go into detail if you wish.
Do you like chai?  Eww.  I figured out that it has cloves in it and I have a story about cloves I might share some time that explains why I hate it.
Plans for Thanksgiving?  I know my Canadian friends have already celebrated and my international friends might not celebrate.  We are actually staying home this year.  So many years going to the in-laws and we are tired of seeing Himself’s mom exhaust herself.  We will go there for dessert.
Is this going to be a good holiday season?  If it KILLS me I will enjoy myself!  Those of you who have been with me for a while know I don’t like this time of  year.  I am going to try to be a model of Christmas cheer!
Be well, my friends.  I pray that all is well.  g

Obedience No Matter What

I’m weary of finding f words to title the falderal so I am taking a breather from thinking too hard!
It is so hard, sometimes, to obey God’s word.  It says to honor our authorities because He put them there.  Reading some other blogs, I see a lot of anger towards our current administration over the horrible events at Fort Hood this past week.  Some say we are less safe than we were before 9/11.
To say that the average American knows what is really going on in our country is to live in a dream world.  We don’t know and, truth be told, don’t want or need to know all that happens to keep us safe.  We do, though, need to know that our brave men and women who serve our country can have a reasonable expectation of safety on a military post! 
If a military person speaks out against the military do they still belong there?  Is there any room for insurrection within the ranks?  Amongst civilians, yes.  Amongst the military?  No.  There needs to be obedience unless an order goes against the good.
As much as I want to rail against the administration and all I disagree with, it is my duty to pray for them, for the military and for my country.  I must trust that God has a plan for my life and part of it is to live here in the United States. 
I am not convinced that my beloved country will ever be God fearing again.  As a matter of fact, I see it going progressively downhill.  I hope and pray that I am wrong.  Whatever happens, though, will not be a surpise to God.
Let us stand firm no matter what is tossed our way.
Given the opportunity, would you rather live in a country other than the one you live in now?  No.  I have thought about it but can’t think of one my family and I would be better off in.
Are you frustrated with your government?  Very much so.  No matter how often I contact my representative and senators  I get the same thanks but no thanks response.
Do you think you would consider running for office?  I don’t see it in my future but I don’t pretend to know the future.
Do you have a favorite song right now?  I am very fond of Revelation Song by     Phillips, Craig and Dean.  It is so touching and true.
How is your life lately?  Really good.  I am so blessed and I choose to count my blessing rather than wallow in pity over what could be.
Himself and I celebrated 22 years of marriage this past week.   We enjoyed a meal of sushi at one of our favorite restaurants and are glad for what God has blessed us with. 
Our Isabella is coming into overt consciousness of this world a bit more lately.  She is responding to our questions with appropriate and correct answers.  It is soooo exciting! 
Bless you this week and always, g

Fairly Fun Falderal

As you may or may not recall, Isabella calls me Booboo.  As of today, I am her class Booboo!  My friend, M, didn’t think it was fair that Bells’ class, which her son is in, didn’t have a class parent so she volunteered.  Well, where M goes g goes!  I was so happy to be a part of their halloween party.  (I guess the parent association didn’t think kids with autism needed to have class parents.  They never met M!)The Dread Pirate Bella
Personally, I don’t like halloween.  It’s darkness disturbs my soul.  People are always telling me to lighten up and get into the spirit of it.  Problem is the "spirit" of it is not the spirit of God.  If it is not the Spirit of God the only thing left is an ugly spirit; the spirit of darkness. 
If anyone rings our bell I will hand out the bags of pretzels we bought and will be properly appreciative of the creativity involved in dressing the children up.  I will not, however, get into the "spirit" of this day we call halloween.
Do you ‘celebrate’ halloween?  See above.
Do you hand out treats?  Last year and this year we decided to hand out bags of pretzels to be a little less sugary.  Some years I was a grinch and didn’t have anything but I realized I wasn’t being a light to people.
Did you get the "Dread Pirate" reference I made?  Have you ever seen Princess Bride? You would have to have to get the reference!
What is your favorite holiday?  Any day I decide to have family over just because.  I am not a big fan of "calendar" holidays.  They stress us all out too much.
Anyone want to plan to not be around for the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) with me?  We can make plans!
Here’s hoping all is well with you.  Let me know about customs where you are.  g

Freaky Friday Falderal

Friday evening and, as I sit here typing this, the Yankee/Twins playoff game is on and I am scratching my head over the news of this day.
Firstly, I see that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Huh?  The candidates were chosen two weeks after he was sworn in.  Why did he win this?  Have his followers finally convinced enough people that he is the messiah?  I am confused.
Then I read in the paper that my state is starting a registry for autistic people.  It seems we already have registries for craniofacial problems, cardiac problems and others.  It looks to me that we are being prepared for a healthcare holocaust!  It is supposed to be anoymously reported by healthcare professionals.  Anonymous.  Right.  I sense that this is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Beware when the government comes saying it is doing something to help you.  Big Brother is watching.
Heard a specialist in infection and disease control say he wouldn’t take or allow the swine flu vaccine to be given to his children.  He said it has too many additives in it like a disinfectant that has been linked to causing autism in children with mitochondrial defects.  Hellooooo!  Let’s use our sense, people.
My darling Isabella has a stomach something.  Poor thing was crying in pain and asked me to put a band aid on her tummy.  Is that too cute?  Poor thing just wanted to go to sleep and woke up in pain and started throwing up. My poor baby.
Have you ever read George Orwell’s 1984?  Did/does it effect the way you think about government? Actually, I have never read it but know enough about the premise that it has affected my life for a long time.  I don’t even want EZ Pass in my car but Himself insists on it.  Privacy is an illusion.
Did you or are you going to get a flu shot this year?  How about the swine flu vaccine?  I’m not prone to getting the flu but opted to get the shot because I need to be healthy to care for Bells.  Swine flu?  Not on your life!  It’s too new.  See above.
What is your idea of an ideal Saturday off?  Starting Friday night, staying up as late as I like.  Saturday morning sleeping in as long as I like.  Then, having a quiet house all to myself for the entire afternoon followed by a nice evening with our bcf’s (best couple friends – the couple we hang out with the most).
Read any good books lately?  Just finished Kathy*Reichs’ latest, "206 Bones."  That’s how many we have in the human body.  It was pretty good.  I figured some of it out early on, though.  Also, been reading Ecclesiastes in the Bible.
Have any trips coming up?  Well, since you ask…I am going to visit my baby brother in Texas next week.  I haven’t seen him in two and a half years and am going to suck up my fear of flying to see him and his wonderful wife.  Hopefully, Dana "Texas Mammie" and I are going to meet up for lunch.
Heard or seen any craziness in the news?  Let’s hear about it?
blessings, g