Weathering the Storms

The first national nightmare I remember was John F. Kennedy being shot. I was in first grade and our teacher platform carrying the president’s coffin.

Since then, there have been natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes. There has been all manner of human depravity in the name of power and “rights.” We have weathered two 9/11 tragedies and, in the U.K., 7/11. Terrorism comes in many forms.

Last week, Hurricane Sandy came right to my front door. Being the “lucky” ones, we were without power for only three days and three nights. Many others are still, after more than a week, without power, and some, many without homes, whilst still others are burying their dead.

Yet, we have seen some of the best of humankind; our neighbor shared his generator power so that our freezer goods wouldn’t go bad. People with gas grills were cooking food for neighbors which would have otherwise gone bad. Those with power are sharing their homes and their electricity to anyone who has need. Samaritan’s Purse sent people to local churches to help people devastated by the storm by cleaning out what was left of their homes. Utility workers from states not affected by the storm caravanned to our aid.

Yes, there are looters and burglars and scam artists looking to make a quick buck with inferior or non-existent repairs. However, kindness has been the rule.

Just don’t try to cut into a gas line in Jersey. It would could get really ugly.

*I wrote this a few days ago. Today, a Nor’Easter came in and we have wet snow. Some areas which had their power restored are losing it again. Please pray.


Victuals, vittles it all comes down to food that is edible. My cooking is better than the average. Haven’t lost anyone yet and people come back for more!

Tonight, my pot luck dish is Acini di Pepe with Spinach and Feta (acini di pepe is little pastas shaped like peppercorns). It is a fan favorite! Recipe supplied upon demand.

There’s something about sharing a meal that brings people together. Maybe it is the endorphins eating releases into the brain. Whatever it is, community is built.

Off to my dinner!

Life Goes On

The last few weeks have flashed by in a whirlwind.

The Girl and Bells moved into a new place close by and we helped with that. Exhausting for all involved and we are hoping for the best.

Establishing Isabella in her new schedule at school has been difficult. Instead of being in the contained classroom all day, she has been entering school with the “neuro-typical” (N.T.) class (e.g. regular kindergarten class) and doing all her specials (library, phys. ed., music, etc.) with that class whilst doing her academics in the contained (autism) classroom. Her teacher from last year and the child study team leader felt she was ready for this. However, our nearly always happy girl has shown anxiety like never before.

Fortunately, her child study team leader saw her crying when she was leaving the gym one day and Bells was able to express that it was too noisy and too many kids and whatever else was bothering her. As a result, the team leader was able to ascertain which specials Bells felt comfortable. Things are going a bit better now. Maybe one more week will show a greater change. I want my happy girl back.<ins datetime=”2011-10-16T22:36:47+00:00″>

Yesterday, I gave Himself the day off and went to a wedding and reception with some friends. You know, I just might make a habit of this! We have gone to so many wedding receptions because of the number of children his friends have that it tends to get old. He is older than I am and some of MY friends’ children are of marrying age now. If he isn’t friends as a couple with my friends I will probably go the weddings by myself!

With all that has been going on, I am beat. When you don’t give in to the fatique of fibromyalgia, it will bite you in the bum. Today has been a true day of rest as in staying in bed until mid afternoon and doing no work at all. It’s a crazy balancing act but at least I am not experiencing a lot of pain. Yea! (That was last week when I didn’t give in! Flat on my back and sleeping for a day but that’s okay.)

All in all, life hasn’t been all that bad. Our bellies are full, we have clothing on our backs, a roof over our heads and a loving Father in heaven who meets all our needs.

Blessings to all, g

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

A few years back, our church started something called “cell” groups. These groups encouraged open, intimate relationships. Our all women groups became very close for the most part and age didn’t matter.

Currently, we don’t have enough female leaders to have women’s cells (the men are hooked up just fine) but we still have close relationships.

One of the ladies recently turned 40 and a friend decided to have a get together to celebrate. Only five in all could make it so it turned into a dinner party. The hostess, being a foodie and gifted cook, prepared an outrageously delicious meal of risotto, shrimp in garlic sauce, mussels in a lovely red sauce and a beautiful green salad. Two of us baked chocolate confections for dessert. Oh, I am so glad I saved up my weight watchers points all day!

Although the dinner was fab, the best part of the evening, to me, was the laughing. Oh, how we laughed. Some people probably think that a bunch of “church ladies” would be boring but, trust me, had you been a fly on the wall, you probably would have had a grand time, too! We stayed so late that Himself called to make sure I was okay! (It was a dark and stormy night…)

This particular night was important to me because I tend to isolate – especially in the evenings. The hostess made a special call to me instead of counting on the email she sent out to see if I was coming. This kindness nearly made me cry. My self-esteem is not always all that high.

Ladies, hold your girlfriends close. They understand like a man can’t. Nurture your relationships and don’t take them for granted.

Have a blessed week, g