At the grand old age of fifty-seven, I often find myself reflecting on where my life’s journey has led.

So often I wonder how I could have made some of the awful decisions that I did. How could I know what I knew and still go where I have gone?

However, God has promised that He will “restore the years the locust have eaten.” If I follow Him, grow in Him, seek Him there is the promise of joy even in my waning years.

No matter what life throws at me (or I throw at myself) I also know that eternity will be a wonderful, awesome, indescribable blast of joy! God told me so.

Made Whole

Unlike Jerry McGuire, it was not another person who completed me.

I believe there is a God-shaped hole in each and every person. We try to fill it with food, drugs, passions, other people and we are still hungry for what will fill us.

On this Good Friday, why not give Christ a chance? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Want more information? I’ll be happy to share! Also, you can start here: