A Quick Update and a List

After talking with the school bus driver and the aide, it seems that Isabella and A have been “fighting” and that necessitated the change of seats. Nothing was as sinister as The Girl interpreted and I am glad to report this.

As the driver and aide said, I don’t care if they have autism, girls will be girls! Amen.

As for a list, I don’t believe I have ever written a “bucket list.” This is not a bucket list, just things I would like to learn to do:

– a martial art – My brother and I were discussing krav naga, an Israeli form, and it sounds interesting.

– how to play the piano – I know I have mentioned this before and have done nothing to move towards this goal.

– how to fly a helicopter – Yes, I have a problem with heights but still want this.

– how to increase and decrease in knitting and crocheting

– how to control my eating all of the time

– how to be less gullible

– how to dance ballroom style (I’ve two left feet)

I’m sure there are many more I can add to this list.

What is on yours?

Thanks to The Writer’s Kaffeeklatsch for the inspiration for this.