Hack, Cough

Yup, I have a cold.

Not happy about it but it isn’t as bad as it could be.  Could it be the “thieves” essential oil I have been dabbing twice a day?  Hmmm…..let’s see how long it lasts.”

Essential oils are a new thing for me this year.  Friends had been raving about them so it was time to check them out.

“Thieves” is a blend that is supposed to ward off colds and such.  I have been using it since January and this is the first cold I have had this year.  I have also been using it on Isabella and she has been sick but not as often or for as long.

The oils for pain have worked well for Himself but not for me.  The difference is either spiritual or because mine is from fms.  I will explain the “spiritual” if anyone asks.

Anyway, I am going back to bed now that Bells is off to school.  I will try to catch up with the challenge later or over the weekend.

Cough, cough.  heavy sigh

Telling the Truth

My post yesterday was reflective of what I have been posting on facebook for the last week or so. Usually, I don’t post hot button items, but murdering children is where I draw the line.

One post I saw had me thinking long and hard before reposting. It had a picture of the back of a baby’s head and neck with the neck slit opened where its spinal cord was snipped. Each time I see it I inwardly cringe and it is hard for me to not become depressed.

One of my liberal friends was very vocal in her anger with me for posting this. She has a young son who plays games on her account and doesn’t want to chance his seeing something like this.

Am I to censor my “shares” because of this? I won’t. There are so many offensive posts that I have to wade through each and every day and I don’t say a word. If this offends you hide the posts and download games somewhere other than facebook for your son. Or, delete me as a friend. I won’t be offended.

I had to quit being silent. I have to tell the truth.