An Award

Oh, Nikki, what would I do without you? I have had brain freeze about blogging since the A to Z Challenge and now you honor me with this award!

Here are the required 10 random facts about me:

1. Although I list my hometown as Brooklyn, NY, but I lived there for only a week after I was born. My folks moved out of Brooklyn when Mom was five months pregnant with me but wanted to stay with her doctor and so went back to give birth to me.

2. When I order coffee in a restaurant (decaf because caffeine gets me VERY sick), I feel cheated if I don’t drink at least two cups full. Free refills are required.

3. Nikki, I was taught to not visit others empty handed so I would probably bring cake, too, if we got together!

4. To me, camping is to be avoided at all costs. Even when I went to Girl Scout Camp, we had flush toilets, running hot and cold water and “tents” that were up on wooden platforms with bed frames for our sleeping bags. Most of our meals were in a mess hall.

5. Even before the grilling season starts, I am sick of hot dogs and hamburgers. I am quite content to cook in the house and leave the grilling to others (the grill scares me).

6. I really, really, really want to have long hair. Alas, my hair is not thick enough and just looks shabby if it is longer than the bottom of my neck.

7. I ask a lot of questions because this is how I learn and I love to learn! This drives big picture people insane and I have learned to tone down my question asking around these people.

8. When I was four years old, I really wanted to ride a two wheel bike. My dad helped for a while but soon got tired of it. He promised me a new two wheeler if I learned on my own. We had a parking lot next door to us and I tried and I tried and I tried and, that Christmas, there was a turquoise colored two wheel bike by the tree for me!

9. If you tell me something, I will believe you for I am quiet literal. If I found out you lied or exaggerated, I will never, ever completely believe you again.

10. If you are hungry, I will feed you. And you will enjoy it.

Now I have to choose six people to enjoy this award with me. How about Marie, Amy, Angie, Martha, Kaycee, and Nita.

I would love to ask more….Have a blessed week!