Peachy, Just Peachy

Well, today was the last visit with my BFF before she leaves for Tennessee.  When we were having lunch, I got choked up and nearly cried my eyes out.  I  do  not  cry.  But I had to hold back the tears.

A good thing that happened this year is that I believe I got over my fear of flying.  I still don’t like it but I didn’t have to medicate myself when we finally took a vacation last October.

Tennessee in June sounds good.

Oh, My Heart is Breaking!

Finally, my best friend and I had gotten into the rhythm of getting together on a regular basis.  We lived about 45 minutes apart, which, in my part of the country, is a little bit of a hike.  We found a halfway point and it has been a year or so of getting together on a regular basis.

Then her husband took a job in Tennessee.  Tennessee is NOT in the Great Atlantic Northeast!

Tomorrow we will have a quick lunch, hug, and say good-bye for now.  Excuse me whilst I look up airfares to TN.

Never Can Say Goodbye…

…no, no, no, no I never can say goodbye…” The Jackson Five had that right about me. I find it so difficult to leave the past in the past.

There are nights when I can’t fall asleep for all the visitors who enter my thoughts. Most of them are not welcome.

My goal is to leave the past in the past along with regrets, live in the present and have hope for the future. I pray about this every night before my sleep.

I don’t know if you believe in demons but I am certain of their existence. I know they want to continually remind me of my past mistakes – or make me believe they were mistakes. They want me to experience discontent with my life. My contentment can come only through faith in my Savior.

Evil has power but I have power over evil. I have power through the name and the blood of Jesus Christ. Do I hear an amen?