The Garden

Playing a little catch up here because I was at the College of Prayer for the last few days,
The campus I attend the College of Prayer in is also known as The Garden. I don’t know what their intention was in naming it thus but I can use my imagination.
A garden is where seeds are planted. They are watered and weeded and, hopefully, they will grow fruit (or vegetables).
As Christians, we are to plant the seed of the gospel. After this seed is planted, we, or another believer or believers are to tend to the person, watering/growing them in the truth of the gospel of Christ so they will grow whilst weeding out the lies that the world and satan feeds them. Finally, the fruit of the gospel, once again, hopefully, will grow in the new believer.
Oh, there is so much more I can write about this! Maybe later on in the challenge. I hope and pray that you will be fruitful for the Lord Jesus Christ’s kingdom!
Blessings, gail